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WWE All-Star Game

As I watch the MLB All-Star Game, it got me wondering what could be done to fix what used to be WWE’s All-Star Game: Survivor Series.


"It still amazes me that people are calling for Cena to turn heel to save this angle, though, when The Rock has effectively been playing heel the entire time - taunting Cena via satellite from his beach house, costing Cena the main event match at Wrestlemania, insulting children, stealing the spotlight from Cena on RAW, refusing to help him at the pay-per-view, constantly snapping at the referee during the main event, and then attacking Cena after the match for no good reason, all while Cena plays the nice guy to perfection, showing that, while he obviously doesn’t like The Rock, he’s not going to let it get in the way of his work."

- Skummy, one of the smartest wrestling fans I know at EWB.

Survivor Series 2011

George Carlin and Scotty Anton references await!