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MSNBC hires SE Cupp: the most cynical of television endeavors

MSNBC probably knows this as well, but Phil Griffin and the guys in the corner offices likely don’t care what Cupp’s motivations are — they simply know that people will tune in to see her even if MS’s regular audience has to do it with the volume turned all the way down. They hired her because she’s beautiful and because she allows them to make the horseshit claim that they’re inclusive of all points of view, not simply the progressive perspective.

I’m not saying that MSNBC isn’t more balanced in its worldview than, say, Fox News — a network which has a top-down, institutionalized political agenda that infects every single second of its coverage — but merely that MS’s attempt to “reach out” to conservative audiences is doomed to fail. First of all, the hiring of Cupp will do nothing to stop the relentless criticism of MS from the howler monkeys on the right because there’s no amount of evidence that will convince them that the boogeyman that they need to demonize doesn’t exist.

Playing the far end of the political spectrum is always all about victimization, particularly on the right — and conservatives will never be willing to admit that the liberal media actually isn’t all that liberal and isn’t out to get them. Couple that with the fact that MSNBC execs aren’t really all that interested in what S.E. Cupp has to say anyway — at least not compared to what she looks like — and you’ve got a recipe for the most cynical of television endeavors.


Relax, Democrats, Nugent's just a rock 'n' roller

Just like Common was “just a rapper,” right? Oh no, that was a national scandal. Imagine if Common, or any black rapper for that matter, threatened to kill Mitt Romney… the House would vote to reinstate segregation.

But Nugent is no more a surrogate for Romney than the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. is for Obama. Just because someone with a microphone urges people to vote for a candidate doesn’t make him or her a “surrogate” for the campaign.

Bull. Fucking. Shit. Obama not only condemned Wright’s comments from seven-years prior, he had to give a speech about race in America. Mitt Romney won’t even condemn Nugent’s comments from seven hours ago… and Romney sought his endorsement! For chrissakes, Jon Healy, you even acknowledge this two paragraphs down!

It’s really not even about what Nugent said - we know he’s a psychotic manchild who’s desperate for attention - it’s the rampant hypocrisy that infects this party. Whether it’s Hilary Rosen, Jeremiah Wright, Common, or just someone he’s been in a room with like Bill Ayers, Obama’s “pallin’ around” with people have been described as “mom-hating, America-hating, cop-killing, terrorists.” But Mitt Romney seeks out the endorsement from two dumbass hillbillies like Nugent and Kid Rock and they’re “just rockers,” despite numerous arrests, admitted drug use, statutory rape and a laundry list of controversial comments. 

And of course, all those attacks on Obama “surrogates” came from Fox News, the media outlet that frequently lends credibility to convicted felon, G. Gordon Liddy, alleged drug trafficker, Oliver North and admitted racist, convicted felon and disgraced police officer, Mark Fuhrman.


Fox News continues to blame the victim

Oh I see, it’s not self-defense if you fight back against an armed man who’s twice your size, who stalked you, chased you down and harassed you for breaking no laws, but it is self-defense if you shoot an unarmed child after you start getting your ass kicked for being a racist wannabe vigilante who was explicitly told by 911 dispatch to not pursue.